PFLAG Tucson’s Annual LGBT Couple’s Celebration

PFLAG Tucson’s 2017 Celebration of Love was Wednesday, February 1, at 7pm at the Ward VI City Council Office at 3202 E. 1st Street. PFLAG honored Tucson’s LGBT couples and their wonderful relationships. This year’s celebration also featured a special presentation of the relationship of Norm (Mick) Meader, long-time PFLAG supporter.

Books and other objects from Norm Meader's lifeA table at the Celebration of Love on February 1, 2017 displayed items that belonged to Norm Meader, to communicate more about this man. These items included geology, bird and other environmental books, beautiful polished rocks, shells, photos and more.  At the end of the evening, the attendees of the meeting were invited to take something from the table as a memento of this brilliant and sensitive man.